About us

Board Of Directors

Director - Sriramu

SRI RAMU, OUR FOUNDER has more than 24 years of experience in trucking knowledge and has established himself in the transportation business, specializing in cargo transportation. He has expanded his transport knowledge in bulk liquid chemical logistics provider and other heavy duty transportation. He has been involved and handles variety of projects on land transportation related business. Today, Sri Ramu has proven to be one of the leading transporters in Malaysia and Singapore Transport Industry which leads the company to grow into diversified business group.

Director - Gowri

Despite being a young entry into the transportation industry, Gowri has taken the challenge by venturing into transportation world. She has been involved in financial planning and management of the organization strategy. She has proven her capability in business managements and monitoring finance department. She has learned to develop and implement effective supply chain management systems which have improve performance, lowers costs and achieves customer satisfaction.